We've partnered with ZOCCAM to offer a streamlined solution to quickly deliver earnest money deposits.

ZOCCAM screenshots.png

How this benefits you

No more driving around to deliver EMD checks

Immediate confirmation of receipt sent to the

Great for out or town or remote clients

Increased security, Decreased liability:

The check is encrypted from capture to delivery and is
not stored on the phone

Checks delivered utilizing Check 21 (Federal Law
behind the technology)


Sending an EMD is easy. After downloading the app, follow the steps below.

1. Register with name & email address (license if applicable).

2. Verify device by entering PIN sent via SMS text, then create an 8-digit numeric passcode.

3. Select Capture on the home screen, then select Earnest Money. Type "Vesta" into the search bar and select as the Escrow Agent recipient.

4. Capture the front and back of check on a dark, flat surface that is well lit.

5. Success! Funds have been sent directly to Vesta & email notifications are sent to all parties.