Advertising by Licensees

Real Estate Board Regulation (18 VAC 13520190) prescribes the required disclosures for advertising by licensees.

“Advertising” is broadly defined as “ALL forms of representation, promotion and solicitation
disseminated in ANY manner and by ANY means of communication to consumers for ANY purpose related to licensed real estate activity.”

Electronic Advertising:
Firm: firm’s licensed name and city and state in which the firm’s main office or branch office is
Licensee: licensee’s name, name of firm with which the licensee is active and city and state in
which licensee place of business is located.

Disclosure shall be viewable on main page or “one click away.”

All other advertising/print
Firm: firm’s licensed name
Licensee: licensee’s name and name of firm.

For sale/lease signs placed on property:
Shall include, but not be limited to, Firm’s name and firm’s primary or branch office telephone